04 junio 2013

My life as a mom

So far I've been a mom for over 9 months and  2weeks, never in my life I would have imagine my life would be so different, I learned  lots of new things, now I read more and get more info before making a decision for my child, I'm a new mom, who's baby never had formula, I'm proud to say I'm 100% pro breast-feeding, my child wears cloths diapers, I carry her around in a mei tai instead of a stroller and use the baby led weaning method to feed her so she doesn't eat pureed food.
Some people think I'm crazy but this is the way I think is best to raise this beautiful baby God send me. 
And we love learning! This picture was taken the first day she ate pasta, one of her favorite foods, is so funny my little hamster keep some of the pasta hiding in her mouth for latter lol. 

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