About me

Its all about me!! My blog is about my live and the people I share my life with, this blog started as a way for me improve my writing skills.
I'm a costarican girl who normally speak spanish, I learn english with a private tutor who was an amazing teacher but I was really stubborn and I didn't like to write in english so my  written vocabulary is not as good as my oral vocabulary. So if you ever read my first post you'll see how much I have improve with this blog and with my online friends.
Now my blog is dedicated to the things I do and love;  the most important persons in my life, my sweetie Kriss and his son Gabriel, we share incredible moments together, my family and my crazy online friends, who make my life amazing.
I scrapbook as a way of keeping my memories and my sanity intact lol, I even have a small shop inside my moms office supply store where I teach every Thursday and saturday to a bunch of nice ladies.
I'm a graphic designer who doesn't like to design for a living lol, I love making my crafts and things for myself but not as a way of making money, I study advertising too, and I'm getting my second mayor this year but I'm not going to work in that either ROTFLOL I work for my dad selling color management equipment, this is really what I love, working with color.
So... this is who I am, readers and followers are welcome and if you leave me a comment you'll me my day!!


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