11 enero 2012

First Post of the year

I was going to post about the highlights of last years, but I never expected my year to start the way it did.
On the new years party I ate something that upset my tummy, I felt sick for over a week, this wasn't normal my tummy hurts, I feel nausea couldn't even see any kind of meat because I was about to puke. Kriss told me I was pregnant, I say no it was imposible, (long story short due to my health problems I can't get pregnant) so I was sick with no reason.
Well last friday I thought it was enough of been sick and gave Kriss the reason and got tested: 
What a SURPRISE!!!! I'm pregnant!!!!!

 I can't explain why now I'm pregnant, for 3 long years we try, we pray and cry about the fact I didn't get pregnant! and now all of the sudden there is a baby for us. its a Miracle!
I receive the blood test by email, when I open it I didn't understand what positive mean, had to call Kriss so he read the test, we start crying happily for this awesome news. The first thing I did was to call my parents; that day all my aunts were at my parents house, my dad was telling them he had a dream, he receive a call from the tv station for a casting, he was going to play the part of a grandpa on a movie but they didn't select him because his hair wasn't gray enough lol 5 minutes latter I call with the news and everyone was screaming!! they are so exited with this new baby that is coming.

On Monday I went with my mom to get the ultrasound, my baby is 7 weeks old, we hear its little heart beat, it was the best sound in the whole world all I could do was to praise the lord for this life that is growing in my belly, I cry every time I see its first picture, its so tiny and perfect.
I know my life is going to change, its going to be upside down but I wanted this for so long I'm going to enjoy every minute of it .

Our Baby 6 weeks 5 days

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Kristi dijo...

Felicidades, Lily!!! What a blessing, indeed!! We are also trying to conceive and not having any luck, hopefully we will be blessed soon too!


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