28 mayo 2006


PRIDE – Which of your attributes or talents are you most proud of?
My patience and my ability to lead and guide people and make them work Lol

ENVY – What brings out the green-eyed monster of jealousy in you?
My dbf have a classmate that is a model, I hate to see her next to him, she is VERY friendly with him

SLOTH – What’s your idea of relaxation?
read a book, sitting under a tree with a beautiful sunny day

LUST – Who do you lust after?
Jairo my dbf he is soooo hot

GREED – What was your last budget blow out on?
last week I bougth tooo many scrapbookin supplies

ANGER – What gets your blood boiling?
People sayin lies about me or my family

GLUTTONY – What’s your favourite food?
Chocolate, sugar, and everything sweet :)

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