03 mayo 2006

A bag full of LOVE!!!!

In this ziplock bag I keep my treasures: the Scrapjazz Raks from my friends around de world, I'm the proud member of this loving community and this bag represent all the love from my dear friends.

In the front is the Addres book from Lory she personalized it for me, in there I keep all the info from my friends.

Thank you girls from this bag of love.

4 comentarios:

Nancyroo dijo...

Wow! That bag is PACKED! You are LOVED!

laurensmom dijo...

ah, shucks..... i love you lilo!!!!!

Christy dijo...

Blue- I am so glad you joined the bloggin world & it looks like you know what you are doing. The banner looks awesome.... how did you do that?


Oscar T. Grouch dijo...

That is so sweet. Hi lilo


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