31 mayo 2006

Cyber hugs and prayer for the day

I want to send cyber hugs and prayer to all of my fiends but specialy this girls.( thank you Oscar for this challenge {{{{hugs}}}} )

A hug for Ashley and Clayton and what they are going through.
A hug for Christhy and her family I hope her family doesnt move next to her
A hug for Jolene whose mom is having dificulties.
A hug for Jessica and her attemps to conceive.
A hug for Erin Halla and her dog
A hug for Patter and her daughter.
A Hug for Carrie Lynn and her dad.

3 comentarios:

Jolene dijo...

I am soooo happy that you are sending Hugs my way...I need a TON! Your blog is GREAT! I just found it today! LOL....More people need to leave you comments...just added you to my list! Love the cute little giraffe easter basket and your collection is just as cute! Thanks a bunch! You just made my day!

AshleyS dijo...

thank you for the hugs and prayers!

~ RebekahBoo dijo...

HOLYMOLY GIRL, I love the new pimped out digs.


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