18 septiembre 2006

I receive the scariest phone call ever!!!

My dbf took my car yesterday because it was raining and he couldn’t leave with the motorcycle.He just calls me and asks me if I was sitting down, immediacy I think he had a car accident, but he said no, the car is ok.
In this country we have a new way that people steal your car, is call “de bajonazo” a guy using a gun stop you while your driving and force you to go out of the car, this is what happened to Jairo, but it wasn’t my car the one that got stolen.
He was driving behind a Toyota, (this is common brand here and is the favorite of thefts) he saw when they pull the people out of the car and then leave, but they left one of the burglars behind, this guy pointed the gun to my boyfriend and ask him to open the door, my dbf offered him my car but the guy said no he only needed a ride, he was in my car for a couple minutes before one of his friends pick him up.Now my sweetie is talking to the police, and I'm happy he is ok and nothing happen to him.(sometimes this guys shoot the person in the car so they dont leave a witness behind)

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chandra dijo...


your scrapbook is good.

you have my best wishes.

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Paula dijo...

OMG Lily - did the guy in your car have a gun also. How scarey for your DBF - I'm so glad he's OK.

Paula dijo...

OMG Lily I hope the man that jumped in your car didn't have a gun also - how scarey for your DBF.


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