17 septiembre 2006

My Weekend

This past weekend my boyfriend sleeps in my house, he wanted to play with my puppy, like a little boy he put the dog one the top of the car, ohh man I almost kill him when I saw my beautiful baby on the car.

We had a great weekend, we spend most part of it fighting about the movies, he loves this creepy horror movies and I don’t like them, I switch between the TV in my bedroom and the one in the living room, but we have fun criticizing the bad ones, We also went to eat at Wendy’s this is a new hamburger place here, in an American franchise, I went once when I was en the states, Jairo wanted to try them, It was sooooo good, we order a couple of burgers, chili, and a stuff potato, mmm yummy lol

Jairo had to leave early today I didn’t want to let him go, but he didn’t have his uniform to go to work tomorrow, he looks so cute with the store uniform (he hated it).

My parents are coming back from Europe tomorrow, I miss my mammy and daddy so much, they been gone for 18 days

and more pictures about coco, he was sleeping in my bed.

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KKstock dijo...

Lily...that puppy is absolutely adorable!! I just want to cuddle him!


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