16 diciembre 2006

I've been TAGGED by Paula

I'm sorry sweetie I just see this,
1.Things that scare me:Heights, cockroaches, bugs in general
2. People who make me laugh: Jairo he is a clown I love him for that
3. Things I hate the most: Cruelty, rude people, creepy movies like saw, I HATE that movie
4. Things I don't understand: Polictics, Economics, Math
5. Things I'm doing right now:I'm in bed jazzing
6. Things I want to do before I die: have kids, marry Jairo,visit Egypt
7. Things I can do: Cook, scrapbook,I'm very handy I love crafts, I can do puzzles and mind games
8. Ways to describe my personality: Introvert, I'm really shy, happy half crazy
9. Things I can't do:Ride motorbikes, jump, sports,
10.Things I think you should listen to:I can't think of any ups :)
11. Things you should never listen to:People putting you down,Nastiness
12. Things I'd like to learn: German !
13. Favorite foods: Pasta, deserts
14. Beverages I drink regularly: Water.Tea, 7up
15. Shows I watched as a kid: heidy,carebears, my little pony
16. Persons I'm tagging: Amber,Kim,Oscar

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