26 diciembre 2006

My Christmas Gifts

Finally the celebrations are over and everything is back to normal, I'm bless to have a wonderful family, friends that love me, a some awesome gifts (there are also some of them horrible but I'm not going to put them here)

The first one is from my sweetie, he gave me a beautiful wall lamp with giraffes on it, and a roxy wallet, I really needed one because Coco try to eat mine lol.the second was from one of my moms friends she gave me diary, she always give me the same thing but I don't care because I collect all of the pascualina diary since I was in HS, is really nice inside.
and the last one is from my dear brother, he bought me a cabbage patch kid with this funky hair that change color with heat or cold, its just to cute to be true, as you can see had a hard time trying to get it out of the box, maybe I'm out of practice lol

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Beth dijo...

Love the wallet, roxy is hot!


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