22 febrero 2007

I love this song

the first time I ear this song was the day April post the Scrapjazz forever video, I love it, I open my blog just to listen to the song is so powerful

This One's For The Girls

This is for all you girls about thirteen
High school can be so rough, can be so mean
Hold onto, onto your innocence
Stand your ground when everybody's giving in

This one's for the girls

This is for all you girls about twenty-five
In little apartments just trying to get by
Living on, on dreams and Spaghetti-Os
Wondering where your life is gonna go

This one's for the girls
Who've ever had a broken heart
Who've wished upon a shooting star
You're beautiful the way you are
This one's for the girls
Who love without holding back
Who dream with everything they have
All around the world
This one's for the girls

This is for all you girls about forty-two
Tossing pennies into the fountain of youth
Every laugh, laugh line on your face
Made you who you are today


Yeah we're all the same inside
From one to ninety-nine


3 comentarios:

mary h. dijo...

I love that song too!!!

Nan dijo...

Hi Lily!!! I've never been to your blog....I love it!!! Don't you just LOVE the slide show!!!!! Can't wait to meet you in person!!!! You are too cute!!!


Nan dijo...

Hey Lily!! Love your blog!!! I will come back when I can!!!! Don't you just love the slide shows!!!!


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