15 febrero 2007

I'm back online

at least for while and until my brother wake up lol.

My computer die, the motherboard is not working and I don't have the money to buy a new one, so I have to borrow my brother laptop, lots f things happened to me this last month,

a week ago my grandma Mima die, she was 83 years old, we miss her a lot but she is in a good place now and she is pain free, she had a great life with a loving family.

one moth from today I'm going to be in Alabama!! Woohooo the Scrap Etc Event is in one month, I have my plane ticket ready, it only cost me $45 I love traveling with miles jejej.
I have a list for new goodies to buy for the event, we are going to have 8 classes and if I read correctly Monique (the store owner) said we are going to have 2 mini classes :)

I receive a nice surprise from one of my friends from the scrap etc forum, I need a place to stay for the first night because I'm going to arrive one day early. I ask Kay to find a Hotel for me but instead she offer me her house!! I was like OMG with my mouth wide open. She is the sweetest person on earth, she open her house to me a "complete stranger" thats something unbelievable Kay, Melinda, Rhonda are going to pick me up at the airport, then we go to SE2, go eat ( I think we are going the meet Nan at this point) this ladies are awesome I can't wait to meet them.

the days of the event I'm going to share a room with Cindi, Stacey and April we are so excited to be a roomies that we have a yahoo group so we can get to know each other better :)

we are going to separate in groups for the classes I wasn't sure with who I was going to stay because I'm to shy to ask to be in someones group, I could be with my roomies or with the sjazzer, or the etc ladies, well Mary help me out she ask me to be in her group with all the crazy ladies of the scrap etc mb. I felt like a celebrity someone ask me! Me Lily from the far end of he world :D I'm not that shy and Invisible any more.

so far this event planing is going so well, I'm meeting lots of new people, I have sweet and loving new friends, this is going to be the experience of a life time.

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Lesle dijo...

Hey Lily! Glad you are able to sneak in on your bro. computer! I'm so excited about Scrap Etc. too. Can't wait to meet you!


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