22 marzo 2007

The event Beggins!!

After lunch we check in at the hotel, I stay at the fun girls room until my roomies arrive, I can't believe I feel asleep with all the crazy ladies talking next to me (yes they HAD to take my pic)The aaawwww moment, when I meet Cristina Padilla, she is my favorite artist! she is the greatest designer I've ever meet, she is like my hero, she is really sweet in real life Kay meeting Cindy B
I also meet My dear Friend Charrise from New York, I cry when I saw her, I also meet with the jazzers, Patti, Nora, Tara, Ashley, Dawn, Lee-Ellen, and Kelli, I was impress of meeting these lovely ladies that are my friends online and I have the chance to meet in real life. I only regret we didn't spend to much time together, we were in different groups :(

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