24 marzo 2007

My House

Kay wanted to see pictures of my house, I try to explain to her how there is no wall between the garage and the kitchen, its little difficult to explain by word is easier this way ...
The view for the other side of the street, this is my front yard
The Car inside the garage, you could see the chairs in the kitchen
I had to sit on the kitchen counter to take this one from inside on the kitchen
Another one closer to the garage
The view from the garage to the house.

3 comentarios:

Kristi Sauer dijo...

Your house is AMAZING!!! Maybe I will see it one day when I am in Costa Rica!! :)

Kay dijo...

Kelly and I looked at the pictures of
your house. LOVE IT. We want to come visit!!!! Seriously.

And we love the "Sweet Home Alabama" song on your playlist... You've got it going on girl!!! MISS YOU.

Kay dijo...

Kelly and I love your house. We want to come visit. Seriously.

Love the "Sweet Home Alabama" on your playlist. You've got it going on girlie! MISS YOU!!!!


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