08 abril 2007

My poor baby

My poor coco had a terrible week he change from being a fur ball....
to this....
we has to shave him completly, he went to play in the trash can and he stink badly and had all kind of grouse stuff on his hair juck!! but he is happy now the past week was really hot, I bet his is feeling a lot better with that amount of hair
Then on Wednesday he tried to eat the complete content of my mom's purse, including candy, candy wrap, bubble gum , pills, papers, etc all of them... he was throwing up and pooping blood we were really scared!! the vet said he had gastritis, and he'll be fine in a couple of days ,
see the pics he was ok helping me with my homework .at last he tried to take a nap with Jairo but Jairo is not as comfortable as I am :)

2 comentarios:

Kristi Sauer dijo...

Its too bad he is sick, but he sure looks cute with his haircut, and I am sure it feels much better for him!

LesleMora dijo...

Aww, I hope he is feeling better quick like! He is adorable without any hair though!


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