25 junio 2007


One of my friends at Scrap Jazz ask what other craft we used to do before we start scrapbooking, I did a quick search in my scrap/craft room and found I did all this stuff. All I can say is WOW

I'm really crafty, as a designer I've learn to do a lot of things with paper like decoupage, and a lot of painting, I use to do water painting , decorative painting, acrylic paint, but I didn't try with oil paint it takes for ever to try and that makes me crazy.

I use to do polymer clay dolls and jewelery, I did vases and decorate glass with it, then I took several classes of fake stain glass and love it, but it was hard to find the glass to paint and I always cut my hand.

then I did fine jewelery with glass beads, and silver beads.
lets see what else....

oh I also cross stitch, embroider, knit, and sew, but I can't do crochet it makes my hand hurt

I did screen prints for a period of my life before scraping, now I want to take all my equipment out to do my own transparencies.

now scrapbooking has taken control over my life and thats all I do

2 comentarios:

Disney Scrapper dijo...

Hi Lily, love the new look of the blog.

Georgina dijo...

WOW! Thats a lot of crafts - love your new header for your blog


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