28 octubre 2007

What a great weekend

Kriss spend every 2 weeks a weekend with his kid, so this one we had joy of being with Gabriel. On Saturday I worked all morning, at noon Kriss call me and invite me to go with his parents and Gabriel to the mall, when we get there Kriss brother and his girlfriend join us for lunch, then we went window shopping, and had a greatest time!!

It was the first time in my whole life I went out with my couple's family, I thought I was going to feel uncomfortable because I'm to shy, but they make me feel as part of the family, his mom is soo funny and she makes jokes all the time, I like her.
Then we went to their house, Kriss Grandma cook dinner for us, she is like my grandma used to be, a sweet old lady who loves to cook for her family, she remind me a lot of my grandma.

At 8 I was ready to go home and call the day off, but Kriss had different plans for the night, we went to his best friend house, we had drinks with then until 2 am, It was a long, fun, night

On Sunday, Kriss Aunt invited us to her house for lunch, another day I spend with his family, but this time I wasn't nervous I even make jokes!!! at some point of the conversation Kriss mom was making jokes about the service, the food and the hostess, so the aunt said to her she was going to bill her for the food, and she wanted a big tip, I was about to cry laughing when Kriss mom said: I don't have money so I'm going to left my daughter in law cleaning the dishes.
then I realize she was talking about ME!! I almost ROTFLOL and said that wasn't my problem I didn't complain about the food, so everyone laugh, a few minutes later I ended washing all the dishes but I did it because I offer myself to do it, lol.
Gabo and Riana his younger cousin, since we arrived he wanted to hold the baby.
My 2 boys and Baby Riana, this picture is sooo adorable, I love to spend time with this 2 boys, they are part of my family now.

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Kristi *sweet* Sauer dijo...

Isn't it amazing how happy you can be when you're in love? So happy for you finding Kriss!!

Anónimo dijo...

Sounds like lots of fun!


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