17 febrero 2008

Why am I scared?

In a couple days Kriss and I are leaving on a rode trip to Panamá, we are going to drive for 16 hours just to spend a few days there, its a half work/vacation trip, I have to visit some of my clients there and there is also an advertising congress and the conferences hopefully are going to be good. We have everything planed, the hotel, the money, the car is ready, even his paper so he could go out the country.

I have this weird feeling in my tummy, I'm really scared but why?? maybe its because its the first time I'm going in a car to panama and I hate road trips but for some estrange reason it was my idea to go in my car, or its the fact I don't know what to expect, I spend a lot of time with Kriss and I love the time we spend together, its our first trip maybe I'm afraid to screw things up. I try to think everything is going to be fine but I can't shake this feeling.

He knows something is bothering me, Kriss always knows when I'm worried, sad, stress out,or about to freak out, I don't know how he does it but he always know how I feel, I can't explain him whats going on because I don't know exactly what it is, I just want to run and hide.

I'm in love with Kriss maybe its the fear of losing him that is driving me crazy, I'm so insecure and all my past drama is hunting me, he's been a blessing in my life and I don't want that to change, I hate to believe in karma, I'm afraid it bite me in the butt because I'm happy for the first time in a long time.

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Disney Scrapper dijo...

Hi Lily. Its been a while since I checked in on you. Nicki said hello and she said to tell you that she likes the new boyfriend a lot better (LOL). Something about muscles!

Georgina dijo...

Oh honey - try not to think about it too much! Maybe its just nerves for the trip. As soon as you are on the road, all will be right with you again and you will have an amazing time! Dont forget to take your camera and take lots of photos for your blog!?


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