24 mayo 2008

My new investment

I'm going to get a new MAC!!!!! woohoo!! the ironic part is after 4 years studying graphic design finally I'm going to have one, after I graduate lol, I'm going to buy it in the USA I have to go to a seminar and its one of the requirements. now I'm doing a lot of research of the things I'm going to "need" that means a new laptop bag! the old one is not good enough for my new computer, and I have to protect my investment!! (my dad is not going to believe that one lol)

2 comentarios:

Kristi dijo...

you will LOVE your new mac, I can almost guarantee it! I LOVE mine! We will have to video chat when you get yours!

Lilo dijo...

thats a great idea!! I'll love to chat with you.


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