03 junio 2008

Kriss Came Back

I'm going to quote myself on what I wrote at scrapjazz on monday, I'm to lazy to write this down again lol
Kriss came to have lunch with me, I was not sure how to behave because I was REALLY mad with him, but he hear all I had to say, and explain me again why he had so much trouble with the cel phone. He said he loves me so much and is terrible for him to be apart, he need money so he have to work so we could get married soon.
I was doing something wrong because I was comparing his attitude with the way my ex was when he disappear all weekend (now I know ex was with his new girlfriend) and Kriss is not like that at all.
Well after a lot of thinking I realize I don't have doubt if I don't have real proof to doubt, all Kriss has done since we are together is telling me the true, he is for real, he want me to be his wife, he thinks I'm his soul mate, every time he has problems he knows he could come to me and I give him peace of mind, he ask me what I think of his work, his business, he even ask me if he could spend his money on the new business, why he does that? I don't know, is his money I don't know why he has to give me every single penny he earns. one day I ear him saying to a friend he didn't need money everything he had was mine and Gabo's.

Its so weird for me to have someone I could relay on, someone who trust me, love me and need me by his side, maybe that why I feel so insecure sometimes, the big difference is now when I feel things are not working well I could talk to him and he wont judge me, or feel offended of what I say, he will listen and change if he has to, we we talk on Monday I say I need time with him, or at least a phone call, he said he was going to try to do it.

As soon as he left my office (we had lunch at the office) he send me a txt to call him, I thought he forgot something, he just wanted to say he love me so much and he hear my voice one more time. I almost cry those are the things that makes me love him so much.

He call me today again to explain me a lot of thing of the new business and what we are going to do to pay for the credit cards (we have 3) and he was so nice, he is trying to talk to me when he has time, not when he is all stress out.

I love him, hopefully for us we have a future together.

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