01 septiembre 2008

This is why

I love this guy!! Kriss is out of town again, but just for tonight, and he just send me a txt:" I love you angel, I hope you have a wonderful night!"
he just make my heart melt, the other day we were talking about this semester, I was asked to teach 3 courses plus the 2 classes of my license degree, he said it was going to be a lot of work for me, and he was worried the he couldn't help me, he said no matter what he was going to be there for me, to support me, and to be next to me whenever I need him, I never had something like that in my life! he said he is proud of the woman he is with, that I'm an intelligent, and professional woman, he is lucky to be with me and is an honor for him to say he is my boyfriend and my future husband. 
He is just the love of my life! I'm so happy right now I can't believe a year ago I was so miserable, god is always there when you need him, I pray a lot I never imagine this was going to be the answer. 

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