25 febrero 2009

Changing things a little bit

Things that makes me happy!

Gabo start english lessons tomorrow, with my private tutor, I'm so happy she can teach him, thanks to her I speak English, she taught me well lol

I'm also going to help him with his writing skills his calligraphy is horrible, so every Monday after I finish with my students he is going to stay with me so we could do homework from school and practice writing and reading.

I found the Mead writing fundamental books at the store I went today they are the coolest thing on earth for a kid that is learning to write,  they have a lot of activities so it wont be boring for Gabo.

Since I'm going to study with him I bought him a few reading books from the "El Barco de Vapor" thats the same book editorial I used to read when I was little (ohh the memories lol)

I found one of my favorite books I read it when  I was 9 years old, and I did a little research and found they are a series, so I have 3 of them I need to get 4 more and I know Gabo is going to LOOOOOVVEE them! (I'm going to read them again LOL)

I don't have kids of my own but doing this for him makes me feel so good, maybe God doesn't think I'm ready for my own kids and he knows Gabo needs 2 moms and all the help possible, plus this is an excellent practice. :D 

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