20 enero 2010


29 doesn't sound like a big number when is used in measurements, counting hours, days, or months but when is used in years is a lot specially since is MY age!!! lol
this year my birthday was a really special day, I got tons of phone calls from my family, my friends from all over the word left me messages on FB, and the "little surprise party" at Kriss grandma's house was the cherry on top, I can remember last time I had a birthday cake, with my family we always celebrate birthdays going to a nice restaurant for lunch or for dinner this year was not the exception, my family and I went to Fridays for lunch, as usual the food was great! but again no cake.
At night Kriss family was waiting for me with a big cake, it was just a small group of people celebrating my birthday but it meant to world to me, this kind of things are the ones that keeps me from killing Kriss most of the time ROTFLOL
Now I'm getting used to the idea I'm 29 and next year I'll start a new decade in my live, and for that occasion I want a BIG party!! lol

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