23 febrero 2010

Mini Vacation

Kriss and I went this weekend to Orotina for a mini vacation, it was so much fun, we took the new rode to Caldera so it took us 30 min to get there, it use to be almost 2 hours through the old rode, we stay at a little hotel called "Las Palmas" my parents recommend it to us since they stay there all the time, we arrive late on saturday since we went t Tati's bachelorette party early, but we still had time to enjoy the pool and do so shopping, I forgot to pack Kriss flip-flops, a tooth brush and the tooth paste, shampoo etc!! I always forget to pack something lol
On sunday we woke up early to enjoy the day, and it was HOT!!! I couldn't stay for long next to the pool it was extremely hot!
Then on Monday we came back home but first we went shopping!! It was a great day! I love this mini vacation with my sweetie
I took this pic just to make my brother mad!lol he stay home all weekend :P

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