20 diciembre 2010

New Day New Life!!

Finally I have time to blog! I can't believe it has been this long since the last time I was here, everything has change, I have change and the people around me changed too.
I got a new pet, a bunny name Yoko she is the sweetest thing on earth! I moved out of my parents house to my In Laws house, now I'm moving again to a new apartment with Kriss.
As today I start a new life that I didn't imagine it will happen so soon, never in my life I imagine living alone with someone without getting married first, but here I am packing all my stuff to move them to a little apartment I'm going to be sharing with Kriss and Gabo.
We are going to spend our first Christmas as a family in our own place and this new year is a new year of blessings for us, we are luck to be around wonderful people, family has been a great help during these days, and I know they will always be by our side.

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