19 septiembre 2011

using my blog again??

I don't know if I have blog material in me, my poor blog has been neglected may times in the past so I'm not sure if I can compromise myself to keep it regularly but (there is always a but in here :D) I'l try to post more often not every year lol 
Thanks to my friend Monica Soto I will take her advice and give a little love to my blog! <3
Now I'm living in a cute apartment, I rent from my cousin so is a tiny piece of land that was made specially for us so far we have everything we need even a fridge (we live 6 months without one) we are slowly filling the apartment with all the things we like.

We have a great view we can see all San Jose downtown and Aserri from it :D

 This is the best acquisition we have, it was almost free we just bought the table and the chairs were a plus
 this is the front of our house I use that corner to scrap is a nice please to be since the view is great 
 this is Gabo's room we finally have a bedroom for him we are so glad we are able to be in a 2 bedroom home 
and the best part of my home our orange wall, Kriss did the mural and we love how it look 

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Lesle Alvarado dijo...

Too cute girl!


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