10 octubre 2011

Tim Holtz Obsession

I've been scrapbooking for at least 6 year, so far I have mores supplies than competed albums, on of my favorite techniques is using alcohol inks to make little flower and stain everything well the addiction has increase now most have everything from Tim Holtz lol 
The good thing is I have a great friend who loves Timmy ( the name we gave him) as much as I do so she is torturing me to ge more stuff (like I'm going to believe that :D) My friend Monica and I have decided to learn as much as possible about Tims techniques and give our stuff the best use.
Last night I was curious of how much of his stuff I had, well lets say I'm impress!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! this is all the stuff I have in my apartment, need to add the dabbers that are in my parents house lol 
 They look so nice all together it just makes me want to play, most of this stuff is old I I haven't use it before like the hammer it was missing for 2 year, "surprisingly" it was in Kriss tool box, I wonder how it got there mmmmm.........
 I'm impress that I only have 1 distress stickles, just ONE!! I need to fix that soon :D
 My alcohol inks are all worn out those poor thing have suffer most of my creative attacks along with my perfect peals, since I like the shinny effect they are wayyyy better than using glitter to get that shine I was looking for.
 Mini misters are the best things on earth! they are one the of the cheapest spray bottles I bough, their mist is great perfect for working with the the inks and the perfect pearls.
and finally my new masks! I'm in loooveee with these I didn't expect they work as good, the are perfect for all of my projects!!

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