22 diciembre 2011

Christmas Presents

This year I've decided to make the Christmas presents we are going to give. I separate then in 2 types of presents, one for the boys of the family and the other for the girls
For the girls I bough these cute bottles and fill them with hand sanitizer then decorate them with stickers and ribbon.
 Sorry for the bad pic lol but I was to lazy to rotate it, I mede boxes for every single hand sanitizer bottle, A total of 10 of them, I know I'm crazy! 

For the little girls I made socks cupcakes really cheap and simple

these is a sample of the girls presents 
For the boy was easy I made these cute bags and fill them with hot weels for the little ones and candies and dry nuts for the adults, there are a total of 16 bags!! I know this is crazy!! but it was fun now I'm waiting for them to see them on the 24!

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