11 mayo 2006

Am I a horrible daughter?

Some times I feel like I am a terrible person, I help my dad in the office, and in the store I go to school, have excellent grades, do everything my parents ask me to do, not a big deal with that right??

Here is what my brother do around my house, he sleep late every single day and I don’t mean late until 10 sometimes he sleep until noon, play with the computer and the ps2 and his grades are terrible, and he refuses to work at the store.

Am I a terrible daughter if I get mad when I’m overworking and he is sleeping? Or when I can’t do something and said to my parents that he could do it? This situation is so unfair!!

My mom agrees with me but my dad change the subject every time I want to talk about it. Just make me want to cry and screeeeeemmmm

2 comentarios:

AshleyS dijo...

I'd be screaming too!!

kristi sauer dijo...

I don't blame you for being mad. That would totally tick me off too!!!


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