10 mayo 2006

The artist in me

The artist in me was killed 6 years ago, at my first drawing class in college/ University, this teacher told me I was not good enougth for her class. Her terrible comments force me to stop painting, I HATE TO DRAW!! and I miss that part of my life.
When I was in HS my art teacher (I love her) always encourage me to try new tecniques, Oleo, Tempra, Acuarela, grafito, vidrio, tela, creativity flowing in my blod. I spend hours and hours painting, drawing, mixing colors all of that is gone.
How I'm going to do to get this feeling back..... my heart need this part of my past, don't know if i'm going to recover from he terrible comments this woman said to me.

2 comentarios:

Oscar T. Grouch dijo...

That is a horrible thing to be told. Do it because you love it.

Beth dijo...

Sorry Lil sometimes teachers suck!


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