26 junio 2006

I cant sleep

Don’t now why but I cant sleep at night, I having problems to get in bed on time, and in the morning I'm always tired, Don't know is this problem has something to do with my feeling recently, I'm not ok, I'm moody, cranky and unhappy, I'm not like that!! I'm a happy person I can't be depress :(

my dog is sick she keeps having seizures every 2 weeks, I don't want to go to school every day and I don’t want to work! I'm not interest in scrapbooking anymore cus I can't be happy.

my dbf say he loves me but he doesn't want to be with me, Last week I invited him for lunch cus I was close to his house, he said no cus he have to study and he was busy, this bugs me very much, the day before he had to study too but he went to play pool with some friends. I’m not calling him as often as I do…. I’m not saying I Love U as often as I do…. I’m not doing the things that I normally do because I want him to be that way with me.

His birthday was great, but he never kiss me, we spend all afternoon together.. he only kiss me goodbye, I feel like I need more from him but I don’t want to ask for it, It has to be natural from him.

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