10 julio 2006

My weekend update!

This past week was busy!!

Last Thursday I took my car for an oil change, I had to check everything because I need to past the RTV car examination, then I went to my usual classes. My Lss owner calls me she wanted some products from the store, ‘cus I’m to sweet I drive all the way to Heredia to just to gave her the products.

Friday!! Happy day! I spend the morning in my Lss playing with my toys, by noon my dbf pick me up for lunch; he went with me to the RTV, my car past the test without any problem. Then I went back to my Lss and finish one of my projects.

I had this great idea to invite my god daughter to my house; she wanted to stay for the night, sure… why not??? BAD IDEA!! She is full of energy, after 3 hours she was diving me nuts!! Finally she went to bed at 1 a.m.

Saturday: The dog woke me up earlier than ever at 5 am I don’t know how I opened the door and feed them. LOL, of course Casey wanted to help me with the dog… Ok this kid never sleeps. I told her I’m tired and wanted to sleep more, she watch TV alone for a while and them she fell asleep again. Thanks good!!

Around noon we woke up and get ready for the party. Jimena’s first birthday was a blast we had a great time. As usual Casey didn’t want stop playing and we left the party at 6:30pm. I left her in her house and come home with my DBF, he spend the night in my house J because my parents are in Panama. I was so tired I feel asleep as soon as my head touch the pillow, poor dbf if he wanted to have fun with me before going to bed he wasn’t lucky that night.

Sunday: Happy morning I love to woke up with dbf sleeping next to me, we eat breakfast and watch the word cup final, yeeahhh Italy won! We were hungry so we went to the Terra Mall and decided to watch a movie, Poseidon is really good, great fx but the story isn’t very good. By 10 I kiss my boyfriend good bye and ended a wonderful weekend.

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steve dijo...

good site!
keep writing and keep in touch!
have a great weekend ahead!


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