15 julio 2006

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A- Age I'm 25 years old
B-Boring yes I know my blog is boring but I like it :)
C-Casey my little diva
D-Desing, what I do
E- Enjoy my live
F-Fly to new places
G-Giraffes :)
H-Help, I hate to ask for help
I- Intelligence
J-Jairo my love
K-Kiss... give me one
M-Monday, I'm not a morning person
N- No!!
O-Organize. heeeyy no!
P-People I love
Q-Questions i have tons
R-restorants love eating out
T-Tati my best friend
V-Valverde my last name
W-why I'm doing this list??
X-XES <--- read
Y-Yes I'm almost done

3 comentarios:

KKstock dijo...

Hey girl...those are great!! Wasn't that fun? It took me forever to finish mine!!

Cassandra dijo...

I laughed out loud at your "x" hahaha!!!!!

Nancyroo dijo...

very nice job! sorry it took me so long to see it!


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