02 octubre 2006


Why I’m mad he ask me!!! I’m not mad, I’m disappointed, our 9 years anniversary together was last Thursday 28 and he didn’t say anything to me, I ask him if we where going to do something that say and he said no he was to tired to go out, maybe on Saturday we could go out.
I was at my LSS on Friday he went to pick me up and he need to do some errands I went with him, he invited me for dinner just because we were together, not to celebrate or anything
On Saturday big news he is thinking about coming to my house he work all day and he need to sleep, I said ok no problem with me, well he decided to come just to give me company sweet but no at all, again he said we are going out on Sunday he want to go to Henry’s a local pub here (it’s a really nice place) I wanted to go!
Finally….. Sunday, in the morning he call and said he wanted to do something special for our anniversary like going to the beach for the weekend I said ok that’s nice too, I assume he was going to come to my house as usual, (let me make a note here: we see each other every Sunday but last Sunday he said he wanted to have a day off and he stay home, and I was ok with that) for my surprise when I ask him later at what time he was going to come home he said nope I’m tiered and I want to sleep…… OK THAT’S 2 SUNDAYS IN A ROW!! And the trip to the beach I know is a lie too… AAARRRGGG !!
I really don’t want to talk to him maybe I’m temperamental or I’m pms-ing but I have the right to feel bad he lie to me 2 times and practically he said he didn’t want to see me!! I hate when he behave like that!

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Paula dijo...

Maybe you're just reading too much into it Lily. Ask him straight out what's going instead of sitting back and getting angry about it. If there's a problem, it better to discuss it and get it sorted straight away IYKWIM.


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