03 octubre 2006

School Vent

Ok It seems I’m always complaining but that’s not true.... only this time I have a mayor vent lol
I’m taking an advertising campaign class, the program said we are going to learn how to make an a advertising campaign, ok that’s fine with me, last night was the first test of the class (I study a lot for that test btw), we had to explain the 3 communication theories and do 3 campaign for every theory and justified our answers plus do a sketch of the graphics of the campaign or the story board for the TV ad in 3 hours…. HEEELL NOO!! We can’t do that in 3 hours!! I was so frustrated with the teacher and there’s no one we could talk about her, because she is the headmaster of my faculty. I talk to 3 different teachers about this test and they said he loose her mind!
I hope my grade isn’t as bad as I think it will be :-(

2 comentarios:

Paula dijo...

WOW Lily that sounds like an aweful lot to get through in 3 hours - I hope you're a good drawer LOL

Georgina dijo...

I have my fingers crossed for you -I'm sure your grade will be good.


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