05 octubre 2006

I never thought I’ll see this day

I posted this on Scrapjazz but didn't do it in here, I think is important to have it here too.
The day the doctor gave me meds because I’m extremely tired, yeap I hit bottom, I barely keep myself up, I’m exhausted! School is killing me, the projects I have to do with incompetents classmates and working is taking all my energy. I’ve been studying for the past 6 years and never feel this way; yes I was tired but never felt the need for meds. My mom was worried about me and she force me to go to the doctors, he was mad with me because he said I’m not taking good care of myself

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Paula dijo...

Oh Lily, I'm not surprised you're run down and very tired with the amount of work you do between your job, studdying etc. etc. You need to take time out for yourself and look after yourself properly!


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