05 octubre 2006

This classmates are going to kill me !!

I hate to work with people! Arrg I went to early for class today because we were going to work on the final project, but guess what? some of the guys didn’t show up and they leave some lame excuse about how they where so busy and could make it in time for the meeting,
I call another of the girls and she had the nerve to say: no one told me we where going to meet today!! I send her a txt message yesterday and we talk about it on Tuesday.
I hate to do the work all by myself

2 comentarios:

KKstock dijo...

You shouldn't have to do the work all by yourself...that is not right. Does dirtrackchick have to come an adjust your classmates :) Hand in there Lily....

Georgina dijo...

Thats out of order. I hope they come round before your project is due.Dont you do all the work yourself though.


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