03 enero 2007

My Scraproom After the cleaning

The final pile of book to give away BYE BYE!!
You see the difference from day 1, it looks brighter and bigger, this is taken from the door
Same picture with the door open, I even clean where other people can't see lol
My art supplies , I have in this little space supplies to do: fake stain glass, cross stitch, painted wood, polymer clay dolls, and beads
My mom sewing space and my scrapbooking paper storage

3 comentarios:

Disney Scrapper dijo...

Oh my, I soo need to do the exact same thing (lol). Great job. Now do you want to fly to the states and help me with mine?

mary h. dijo...

Wow! What a difference! Great job.

mary h. dijo...

Wow! Great job. It does look much brighter. LOL!


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