03 enero 2007

My Scraproom After the cleaning

A close up of the bookshelf from the left side, on the wall is my witch hat from last Halloween, and the blue thing at the top are my butterfly wings. In the center row there are all my design and craft book, all in one place, exactly how I wanted them to be.
Bookshelf center, I love those boxes I put my tools in there, even my big Ellison Design is easy to hide in the big box in the center the dies are in the one next to it. My love pile is how I call the pile of little boxes, they have what I love, my scrap jazz letter and the things that my dear friends send me.
Bookshelf right, I painted the wood dolls, now I have a place to put show them, my reading books are at the top of the shelf.
My desk and board all clean, no more mess
My desk

4 comentarios:

Leslie dijo...

your scrap room looks fabulous Lily! your motivation to clean it up was worth all your effort. now you can sit and scrap scrap scrap!

Georgina dijo...

That is one awesome scrap space!

Alice (Louisiana_Scrap) dijo...

Love the space!! I recently redid mine too. Ahh its so refreshing, isn't it??

Alice (Louisiana_Scrap) dijo...

The space is awesome Lily! I just recently redid mine too. Ahh, so refreshing isn't it?


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