11 marzo 2007

3 days and I'll be in Alabama!!

I can't believe the time past this fast, its only a matter of day to leave to bama for the big event, I'm getting excited, nervous, and almost in panic, my face is showing to early symptoms of stress my acne is getting worst as the days fly, it almost impossible to hide,

yes I have to admitted I'm in PANIC!! but I want to be there now. ;)

I can't sleep at night thinking about this event, my tummy is fill with butterflies, the best thing I can do now is concentrate in my algebra homework and pray for the time to pass faster lol.

oh and my relationship with my sweetie is fabulous, he always makes me feel bad when I travel, he is kind of jealous, but this time he is not, he is happy for me, we even had a wonderful "alone" time this week... yes I was lucky!!! lol

I have to try to sleep now bye!

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