04 marzo 2007


My friend Christy at scrapjazz had this great idea, a traveling doll who will travel around the world visiting all the jazzer home taking pictures with them and having LO done with her pictures.

Because we are a huge family we are going to have 2 divas, one for the US girls and the other international, so guess with who is going to receive the international doll first?? MEEEE!!!!! whoohooo!!

Christy send 2 divas to Patti from Canada, she is going to give me the doll at the Scrap Etc event so they will start their journey around the world, I'm so excited for a doll lol is going to be fun to see all this crazy ladies going every where with a doll.

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Paula Clark dijo...

This sounds like heaps of fun Lily :)


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