21 mayo 2007


I love this word for many many reasons, first for the cute character from Snow white, he is sooo adorable, but mostly because this a great word to describe myself, how on earth is possible my face turn red 5 times in one day!

I went to the eye doctor with my mom today, (that’s another story) we were at the parking lot when I saw this REALLY hot guy coming in our direction, I look at him an immediately recognize the face, he was one of my impossible love in high school LOL, as soon as he passed by my face was bright RED!!! My mom start laughing so hard I was so embarrassed, really I don’t know why my face was red.

Then at lunch I told my dad what happened at the parking lot and my face was red again

Then at night I was in my classroom waiting for my friend to arrive when I look up and there he was the guy from the INA show, OMG big drama here.

Last year our company had a booth at a graphic arts show, I worked there all weekend with one friend, the last night at the final ceremony, we saw this cute guy and we behave like teenagers, laughing and flirting with the guy. We had a great time that night mostly because we knew we where never going to see him again, WRONG!! He is in my school, and I eventually see him there but never in one of my classes, and yes every time he is near me my face is red, I feel so uncomfortable now imagine how I felt when I saw him in MY class.

I went outside as quickly as possible hopping I was in the wrong class, my friend was outside and when I told her the whole story about the guy I was red again. Then with a lot of effort I went inside again and for my surprise he was sitting in behind me!!! That was the most uncomfortable class I ever had, to make it worst we had to work in groups…….. yes he is in my group

I’m never ever going to act like a silly teen again in my life.

To end my red face story when I told my mom about my class the red face show up again

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Kristi Sauer dijo...

You are so cute!! Maybe as you get to know him you will be less embarrassed!


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