15 mayo 2007


Thank you all for the comments on my last post, they mean the world to me, but they also make me sad, I wish I could have all this amazing friends here next to me. :)
I still don't have an answer from the university about my papers, the waiting is horrible, if I don't hear from them on Tuesday, I'm going to sign for 4 courses I need to take for my advertising career, I'm not going to waist this semester.
As far as my relationship with my boyfriend, it is on hold, he needs time, he needs to have the results of the psicological evaluation, he need lots of thing...but I do need some things too, how on earth he didn't call or send me a message during the day?? if you said you'll do it, I'm going to wait for the call. we finally talk a few minutes ago, he is behaving like the coldest person, he is really distant, but I'm tiered of his attitude, is always what he wants, so this time I ask not to call me until he find out what he wants to do, I can't do it anymore, this is a relationship is not you or me... is us!!!
I'm sorry but I'm not going to be there for him this time, I'm sick of feeling like I'm the one who cause the problem, if he is depress and he feels like is not worth much I can't help, I tried, I really tried, its better for me to leave him and send him to an expert who know how to deal with this situation. If I keep playing his games I'm going to get sick too.
Yeah I know I sound heartless but I'm decided not to get depress I cried for a long time before all this happen it's now time I put myself first.

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Anónimo dijo...

That's right Lily, you have to take care of yourself. I know it doesn't feel like it, but you will survive. ((hugs))

Paula dijo...

You need to take of yourself first and formost Lily. You have enough on your plate with school and everything at the moment, so concentrate on that let him sort himself out.

Disney Scrapper dijo...

Yes Lily, please take care of you. Nicki has been saying she is going to email you...she will soon. She has been sick though ( really sick ) so please forgive her. You have been on our mind and our heart though. Take care my friend.


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