12 junio 2007

Lol Random Stuff !

It's time for some things I haven't talk about here, like my classes for this semester, I'm taking English level 3 this is the advance level, do you want to know what I have learn so far?? well in my first class I learned how to tell time in English, the numerals and occupations blahhh!! the second class we learn about family members :D jajaja the professor ask me what DH, DD, DW, Sil etc.. mean, I was about to cry laughing, I now my writing skill are terrible but my vocabulary is really good, and I have to thank my Jazz friends because that why I know what dbf or lss mean :P poor guy he is going to suffer with me, I talk and laugh about all the things he said, because I'm the only one in the class that understand what he want to say!! Its going to be a long semester!
thanks good the test are going to be oral :D

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