05 junio 2007

This is one of those days

I'm happy because I star the tutorial of the thesis next Saturday, but I'm extremely sad, all I want to do is cry, my relationship with my sweetie is getting worst , we are still dating but we don't talk, we don't see each other, so practically we are a couple by name, because we don't have any of the benefits of dating.
his cell phone isn't working so every time I try to call is dead, no txt mens no anything, I'm send him an email as the last resource to talk to him, that was the last time I try to contact him, if he want to talk to me he must call me because I'm done with the waiting. If he wants to be with me as he said, he most prove it.
I'm going to be honest this is killing me. I try to be strong but I cant all I want to do is cry day and night

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Anónimo dijo...

Lilo mantente fuerte.
Dale tiempo a tu novio. A mi me parece que el tiene su mente puesta en otras cosas(sorry que lo dice tan francamente)pero es cierto. Hay un dicho que dice, si tienes algo dejalo ir, si regresa fue tuyo si no nunca lo fue. No se si eso es cierto.




Leslie dijo...

stay strong Lily...if this relationship is meant to be he'll come around and you'll have a happier heart. ~lesfitz

Oscar T. Grouch dijo...

go out, spread your wings, explore, there is a whole world out there. Hugs.


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