28 septiembre 2007


19 days ago God gave me the joy of having Kriss in my life, and with this new guy I start thinking about my future with a couple. No matter what any body say I know in my heart that he is the guy I was waiting for, why I know that? because now I use my heart and my head to make decision.

Yes I know everything is perfect now because is new, you need time to know a person, but in our case time wasn't needed, we have a secret, we talk, we talk about anything and everything, what we like, dislike, hope, dream, and the facts that we are going to have really hard times together, life isn't perfect, and our relationship can't be perfect forever. It's a roller coaster ride.

No one in my family knows he is divorce, that will make a huge argument from my parents because they want a single guy with no responsibilities or kids of his own, I used to think that way, now I ask for a guy who respects me, trust me and love me, Kriss has the personality I like, plus he makes me fell like a princess, he respect me as a woman, and as a worker he understand the passion I have for what I do, he wants to be a part of my world and I want to be part of his.

A guy with kids is going to put his kids first, he will always took care of them and my kids will have to share the love with then, not only love they'll have to share, money too. I understand the sacrifices and the pain his ex will cause in our future. I'm aware of all the trouble this will make in our life, but this is my choice I knew that when I meet him. he always say the truth about his kids, I can't said I wasn't prepared.

He is not the only one with a emotional baggage, I'm not that easy, I have the ghost of a broken relationship, I look at it as a painful divorce, it's not easy to let go something you are used to, but the joy of this new love makes me powerful and I'm not letting my past affect my future.

I don't now what to expect in my future but now I have someone on my side, who makes me feel safe and I know I could trust him because he wants to protect and love me, the same way I do for him.

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LesleMora dijo...

Just be careful Lily, an ex and kids are a lot to handle. You sound like you are prepared for stress they they may bring. But I agree, you were in a serious, committed relationship for so long that it is like a divorce too. :hug:


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