26 septiembre 2007

Finally the Expo is over!!!

What a weekend!! We work Friday and Saturday at the Graphic Expo, we had a booth there and I gave a conference about color management. the sweet part of all this work is that Kriss went to my conference and he stayed all day at the show with me, it's not an easy task to spend all day talking about graphic arts if you don't know a thing about printing lol but he want to learn what I do for living and this was a great way to learn.

4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

How sweet!!!
I'm so glad to see you happy Lilo!
BTW cute pic:-)


Kristi Sauer dijo...

He is GORGEOUS!!! Totally my type ;) Does he have a brother who wants to marry me? LMAO

Anónimo dijo...

I'm glad everything went great!

Disney Scrapper dijo...

Ok girl, you did good. He is cute and he sounds sweet. I am so happy for you. Wait until I tell Nicki.You look very happy.


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