03 octubre 2007


This handsome guy is Gabriel, Kriss older son, I had the joy of spending time alone with him and I was able to get to know him better, last time I saw him we didn't had time to talk.

Kris had a doctor appointment so we waited in the car for 2 long hours, I was scared of spending this time with him alone because I don't know what to say to a kid this age, and I thought it would be uncomfortable for him, staying in a car with his dad's girlfriend, but I wasn't like that, we had a great time together.

He is the sweetest kid on earth, it was the most interesting conversation I had with a 7 year old I had in my whole life, he is not only smart, he is an adorable kid, his vocabulary is better than mine lol! he is not the kind of kid you have to ask questions just to get a conversation, he talk and talks, about what he like, the video games he wants to buy, his friends at school, he even told me stories about his other brothers.

If everything with Kriss continues as it is now, I would be honored to have this child as my step son, there is nothing in this kid you wouldn't love.

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