05 octubre 2007

World War III

Why I can't have a break!!
A "loving" Aunt told my mom about Kris's story..... kids and a whole different story about his divorce. My mom made a HUGE deal about it and she doesn't talked to me anymore. My dear mom said horrible things about Kriss and she haven't even talked to him once.

Her opinion about him makes me feel terrible, he is a nice guy with a difficult past, that's all that matters to me. I don't care if he is divorce or if he have kids. He is a loving respectful and caring guy. Why she can't see that? I'm happy for the first time in a looong time. Why she didn't say anything about my ex and she let me suffer the way I did? now she is making my life impossible just because she doesn't approve my relationship.

My dad is a different case, he listen to me and even if he doesn't approve it, he respect my choice because I'm an adult and he can't said what I have to do anymore. He try to talk to my mom and she said he was a mistaken, they had a huge fight about this matter.

I don't get it really, what's the big deal? why she has to be so cold and a complete bi@#14~# when Kriss is here. What she is going to get is that I leave this house just to about the conflict with her. I'm not going to break up with him just because she doesn't like him.

I had a horrible night, she made Kriss feel really bad with the way she behave, it brakes my heart to see how she makes him feel because I know he is not what she thinks of him :(

3 comentarios:

Kristi Sauer dijo...

That is so unfair, I am sorry your mom is being like that.

LesleMora dijo...

I'm sorry your mom is being that way, hopefully she'll warm up to him.

Leslie dijo...

I'm sorry that you didn't have the support you needed from your mom. But keep in mind that you are now happy and that is the most important thing. Your mom will eventually come around and see the new you and be grateful for Kriss in your life.


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