12 febrero 2008

If you pray..

God answer your prayers. I'm catholic and I grow up believing in God, bud I really don't know when I stop praying maybe I thought he didn't listen, when your depress you feel like your lonely and there is no reason to pray again.

Since I change my life and decide to move on I ask God to help me find a good guy to be my friend, lover and husband then I meet Kriss, he is all that, I can't ask for a better guy. We put our relationship in God hands and we've been bless in every aspect of our life together.

We needed money, the bank approved our loan, we needed a better job, now we have lots of work and more money too, we planned a business/vacation trip to Panamá, we leave next Tuesday we are going to stay in Panamá for a week, the first 2 day we are going to do some shopping lol then we are going to an advertising festival I'm so excited to be in those conferences.

I can't complain, this past 6 month God has been really good with me. My life change completely, I'm going to have a husband and a family with him, finally I feel like a grown up, I have a plans in my life, I have debts lol and grown up problems (jajajaja that didn't sound like a grown up ROFLOL)

2 comentarios:

Kristi S dijo...

I am so happy for you guys!!!! Have a great time in Panama!!

Kristi S dijo...

I am so happy for you guys!


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